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Babe & I spent our weekend in DC, after a month & a half of being apart. he’d told me the day before to plan our night doing whatever I wanted. I decided to take him out. he’s been doing so much taking care of me, I wanted to do something for him. I gave him clues as to what we were doing but nothing else. he whined the whole time but I wasn’t budging, I wanted to surprise him with something I knew he’d love.
I took him to Black Fox Lounge on Connecticut Ave. the food was good. the drinks were good. I knew he loved live music so this place was a plus for us. he kept asking me was I okay to pay for our meal & I repeatedly told him yes. I don’t think he’s grasped the concept of me enjoying catering to him. he deserves the world & I strive to give it to him. we had so much fun.
Saturday we had breakfast then went to the National Art Gallery on Constitution Ave. we’ve gone to the art galleries here in Richmond so this was a regular thing for us. when we left, we walked through Chinatown. I love holding his hand. seeing him smile. randomly kissing him. he truly is my best friend.
after leaving Chinatown, we went to the Natural History Museum. pure love. we tried to see & read everything but we couldn’t stay out of each other’s faces. we’ve both had a stressful month so being able to get away for a day or so was just what we needed. I really love being able to reach out & touch him. he means everything to me.
we got back to richmond & my little brother came over. I think my brother likes him, which means a lot to me since this is who I plan to spend my life with.
even after all the bad shit that happened with my car, I’m grateful to be alive & to have a wonderful man like him in my life.

"forever is a mighty long time.. "

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